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Trade in your ZIMcard for a different one!

1. Learn about each ZIMcard, select the card you want and pre-order it here. Your replacement ZIMcard will be packed up and ready to ship, pending arrival of your original ZIMcard.

2. Remove your current ZIMcard, pack it up, and send it to us: Foxrox Electronics, ZIMcard Swap Dept., 14 Morgan Court, Wayne NJ 07470 USA

3. Wait for the replacement to arrive. You will get an email notification when it ships. Same day turnaround in most cases. 

4. Install and enjoy!

The cost for swapping a ZIMcard is $10 handling, plus the exact shipping charge, based on your location and the service you choose.  

Feel free to swap ZIMcards as often as you like! 

If you want to go old-school, download the CardSwap form and pay with cash or check.

Instructions for swapping a ZIMcard:

1. Remove the screws from the bottom of the pedal and remove the bottom plate.

2. Unscrew the hex-nut that fastens the ZIMcard in place.

3. Carefully wiggle the card and lift it from its connector.

4. Pack it up safely and ship it to Foxrox. Include a print-out of your order, or a note with your contact information.

When the replacement comes, reverse the process from above. Try not to touch the metal pins on the bottom of the ZIMcard. When positioning the ZIMcard, make sure the 8 pins mate up with their connector properly. Each ZIMcard is shipped with a new Hex nut for fastening it in place.

Pin connector cleaning

If the pins get touched, or a ZIMcard has been exposed to the elements for any length of time, you can clean them to ensure top reliability.

Alcohol and a lint-free cloth or paper towel is good for removing dirt.

Contact cleaner will help, but be careful not to get it in contact with paint from a paint pen. (some of the ZIMcards are labeled that way).

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