Treble Boost ZIMcard

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TB Treble Boost ZIMcard 
Treble Boost is a basic bass cut / treble boost circuit designed to make your guitar cut through. The circuit is actually the same as the BB Buffer Boost ZIMcard, but it's modified to cut bass at the input, which adds brightness and clarity.  

When using TB, start with the Volume knob all the way up. Use the Drive knob to set the level.

TB is great for making harmonics jump out when driving a Distortion. Pair it up with the T+ ZIMcard in a dual ZIM pedal. 

Use TB to brighten up a Humbucker guitar when used in rig that's optimized for a single coil sound. No more super-dark Les Paul!


If you turn the gain up the booster will start to clip. This sounds good when hitting distortion or overdrive harder, but it's a little harsh into a clean amp. For CLEAN, high-gain treble boost, run the pedal at 18V DC. 

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