Octron Care Package

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Octron care package

The Octron care package contains all the parts you'll need for replacing a damaged potentiometer in a Foxrox Octron or Octron2 pedal.

The Nobel A100K and B100K pots that were used in Octron are quality and very reliable, but can become damaged if the knobs are stepped on or the pedal is dropped on a hard floor. The main sign of a damage is the knob spinning all the way around. There may also be loss of signal.

If a pedal is damaged and one pot needs to be replaced, it's a good idea to inspect all the pots when the pedal disassembled. If the others look or feel damaged they should be replaced as well.

Foxrox Octron Care package

Repair kit includes:

(1) Nobel A104K potentiometer. Log taper 100K used for Octave UP.

(3) Nobel B104K potentiometer. Linear taper 100K used for Octave DOWN and DIRECT.

(1) 4-pin jumper

(6) Screw 6-32 x 1/3" Phillips

(3) Knob Black fluted medium size w/set screw

(5) Foxrox Guitar pick

Pots: A104K Audio taper pot is used for Octave UP. B104K Linear taper pots are used for Direct and Octave Down. An extra B104K is included as a spare. It can be used instead of A104K for Octave Up, if needed. Same value, different taper, but it will do the job. Hardware is included.

Screws: If you lose a screw during the repair, no worries. These screws are used on all Foxrox pedals and can be used with many other brands of pedals.

4-pin jumper: The jumper that extends from the Foot switch PCB to the Main PCB can become damaged during repairs, so a new one is included for your convenience.

Black knobs: If a pot was damaged, then there's a good chance a knob was damaged too. Or, you might want a set of fresh, new knobs on your Octron after repairing it. 

Foxrox picks: When you are done with the repair and the pedal is back together again, you will need to test it out. No need to search for a pick, just use one that was included with the care package. Octron sounds best when used with Foxrox guitar picks.

Octron care package also includes the standard pick+sticker pack that ships with ALL Foxrox Orders. 

Repair tips:

This job requires taking the pedal apart. You can leave the foot switch in place, but the main board has to come out. This entails removing the power jack, knobs, jacks and associated hardware. Make note of how the power jack is wired. 

When replacing the pots, don't feel the need to remove the broken ones intact. It's more important to avoid damage to the circuit board traces. 

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