Explore classic Foxrox pedals from the past.

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Captain Coconut
Last Manufactured in 1994

Last Manufactured in July, 2001
The first pedal made after registering the Foxrox Electronics name. Accurately produced the sounds of the classic Uni-Vibe effect. Its watery phasing and warm vibrato made it instantly recognizable, and Foxrox made them available in floor and rack-mount units.

Octave, Vibe and Fuzz effects in one unit. Captain Coconut brought together three of the most sought-after effects in one easy to use, reliable and great sounding box. All faithful reproductions of vintage effect circuitry, fine-tuned for the best sounds and added flexibility.

Last Manufactured in October, 2006
Last Manufactured in October, 2006
A re-design of the original Captain Coconut effect. CC2 set a new standard in limited production, hand-built guitar effects. The product features included a plug-in fuzz card, envelope controlled speed for the ProVibe, and improved speed control.
An original design...not a clone. Paradox TZF is the first and only flanger of its kind. Through-zero-flanging was done in the '60s using a pair of analog tape decks. TZF recreates that over-the-top flanging sound in a stomp box.

CC Hybrid Fuzz
Last Manufactured in December, 2016
Last Manufactured in September, 2017
Octron is an analog octave pedal. It's an organic effect that responds to your playing style/technique, and it takes on a new life when put through other effects. Octave up, down, clean with a little of each mixed...dial in just a hint of octave or make Octron your octave monster!
CC Hybrid is one of the first pedals to use one germanium and one silicon transistor in the classic Fuzz Face circuit.

Hot Silicon Fuzz

Festival Overdrive
Last Manufactured in June, 2019
Last Manufactured in December, 2020
Hot Silicon Fuzz is our take on the original high gain silicon FuzzFace, providing an array of fuzz tones to please even the pickiest players.
The Festival Overdrive is a dual-mode overdrive. It features a master volume control and a boost channel with both gain and volume controls.