Installation of the Foxrox Wah Retrofit into the Teese RMC 3


1. RMC3 before the FWR is installed.

2. The blue wire has been separated from the rest. One end is on the third leg of the pot, and it has black beads. The other end is on the bottom right lug of the foot switch. This wire carries the output of the Wah to the foot switch. Clip the wire at the Foot Switch.

3. The blue wire has been clipped at the switch and now it's sticking up into the air.

4. Cut and remove the blue wire with the beads, right at the pot. Watch out for the other blue wire, the one that's coming form the circuit board and going to the third lug on the pot. That one stays connected.

5. Put the FWR in place, and make the Input and Output connections. Solder the OUTPUT wire, Blue, to the bottom right lug on the foot switch. Solder the INPUT wire to the third lug on the pot.

6. Ground connection - Feed the BLACK and RED wires down and around to the circuit board area. Solder the BLACK ground wire to the ground lug on the Output jack.

7. The best place to grab V+ is at the DC jack. There are three wires going to it: Gray, Black, and Red. The Connection with the BLACK wire going to it is the one we want to solder to. It's the one in the middle.

8. The Red V+ wire from the FWR (right in the middle) has been soldered right on top of the same tab that the Black wire is soldered to. Be careful not to let it pop off while soldering.

9. It's all done. Now it just needs to be cleaned up and secured.

10. RMC3 installation complete.