Paradox TZF Prototype #3

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Paradox TZF Prototype sale! 

This is Prototype #3, one of three Paradox TZF Prototypes built in 2002 while getting ready to produce the legendary Foxrox Paradox TZF flanger pedal. Paradox TZF was the first and only flanger of its kind to recreate that over-the-top flanging sound in a stomp box. The prototype combines the features of the original production version of Paradox TZF with those of the Paradox TZF2. These features include speed/manual ramping, volume control, and speed indicator LED.  


Rotary controls: 
MIX D/C - Select the mix from Modulated Delay to Clean. 

TZF Pos/Neg - Controls Fixed delay level and polarity. Center is off. 

RegenModulated delay feedback level and polarity. Center is off. 

Volume Boost and cut for matching flange and bypass levels.

Env Control flange point with dynamics of input signal. 

Width Control LFO sweep width 

Manual Set flange point. 

Speed Select LFO speed. Green LED indicates speed. 

Switching is done with relays. Red LED indicates status 

Ramp Activate - Momentary switch for ramping speed or manual flange point.

Ramp source - Select speed or manual for ramping.

VAC  - Paradox TZF runs on 9 VAC, 500uA (or higher) via 2.5mm plug. Since it is AC, there is no polarity. 

Manual Control flange point eternally with expression pedal. Set low point with Manual control. 

Speed Control speed externally with expression pedal. Set fastest speed with Speed knob. 

In - Input jack 

Out A, Out B. Use Out A for mono, use both for WIDE stereo image.

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