18 VDC, 2.1mm plug, 1 Amp Power Adaptor (Paradox TZF2)

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Item #:18 VDC ADPT
18VDC Power Adaptor
Input voltage: 100VAC-240VAC, 50/60Hz. 
Voltage: 18.4VDC, unregulated and unloaded. Switching power supply.
Current: 1,000mA (1 Amp)
Connector: 2.1mm
Polarity: Center Negative

This power adaptor is modified to have the correct power connector for Paradox TZF2 and can be used with any pedal that takes 18VDC. It is originally made with a 64" wire that is terminated with a 2.5mm connector. At Foxrox, we splice on a 2.1mm connector (effects standard) and we extend the length of the wire to 86" (7 feet, 2 inches). 

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