How Does Octron4 Compare to Octron2?
If you're considering an Octron4, take a look at the pedal's features compared to Octron2:

  • Both Octron2 and Octron4 are the same width: 5.6." I thought about squeezing the switches closer together, but determined the spacing was just right.
  • Octron2 is 5.2" deep, while Octron4 is 4.8" deep. It's smaller!
  • Octron2 has jacks for an effects loop that few people use. Octron4 does not offer the effects loop.
  • Octron2 functions the same as the original Octron. It offers Octave UP, Direct and Octave DOWN. Octave UP and DOWN have internal adjustments.
  • Octron4 functions the same as Octron3. Instead of internal adjustments, Octave UP and DOWN have tone switches on the front of the pedal.

New! Octron4 features an additional SUB signal that is made from dividing the note you play by a selection of 3 or 4:

  •     Divide by 3 is the 5 note in the scale of the note you play, one and a half octaves down. Play E and you get a very low B.
  •     Divide by 4 is the note you play, two octaves down.

The low octave foot switch controls both the Octave DOWN signal and the SUB signal. They are mixed prior to the switch.

Note: You cannot divide by 3 and 4 at the same time. You have to select one or the other.

I considered a 4th foot switch for SUB, but that would be overkill. The SUB signal is a bit of a novelty, and not that usable in most situations, but fun to be creative with.  A big, fat low harmony in real time. Mix in some Direct and Octave UP and it's huge.


Second Son

Date 3/19/2022

Rick Albert

Date 11/9/2022

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