Fuzz Card Vintage Germanium PNP

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Captain Coconut2 Fuzz Card - Vintage Germanium PNP

FuzzCard "plug-in fuzz" concept - Fuzz is a touchy thing. Most players have their own idea of what the ideal Fuzz should sound like. This is due in part to the fact that the original FuzzFace was not a consistent product, there were different versions (Silicon NPN, germanium PNP, custom mods, etc..) and individual units sounded different from one another. Also, different types of Fuzz's sound different depending on the amp used. The FuzzFoot, my custom version of the classic FuzzFace circuit covers more ground than most Fuzz pedals, but still I saw the need to add one more degree of flexibility. 

I designed the FuzzCard, the entire Fuzz circuit on a plug-in circuit board. This makes it possible to put any version of the classic Fuzz circuit into a Captain Coconut2 without having to make any changes to the main circuit board. The tone of a Fuzz is very subjective, and the FuzzCard makes it possible to please even the pickiest players. 

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