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This is a custom built Fuzz Face from the legendary Foxrox secret stash. When I left Crest Audio in the 1990's, I inherited a lot of surplus junk, including a batch of rejected Fuzz Face enclosures. They date back to the mid/late 1980's when I, while working at Dallas Music Industries, DMI Inc, brought Fuzz Faces back into production. DMI Inc. became Crest Audio. Read about my experience bringing back the Fuzz Face. 
Over the last 20 years I have built up and sold most of my stash. Each one has its own set of features and a deliberate choice of transistors and other parts. I got in the habit of naming each Fuzz Face. Now we're down to the end of the stash. It's been a labor of love building these things, both in the 80's and now. I'm confident these are some of the best Fuzz Faces ever built. Take a look at the Fuzz Face Gallery.  - Dave Fox

GRANT was a one-off paint job just to see how it would look. When we had Fuzz Face enclosures built in Fall of 1986, the first batch was all gray. In spring of 1987, we decided to try more colors. This was an odd-ball color that the painter wanted us to see, and it was rejected in favor of Red and Blue. The circuit in Grant is is the same as the Foxrox Hot Silicon fuzz pedal. The GRIT, or Bias control, is located on the circuit board. Upon close inspection, you will find scratches, dings and chips in the paint job. 


NAME: Grant

Color: Green/blue/gray color (not sure what you would call it!) Black silk screen.

GRIT (Bias) control: Mounted on circuit board

Transistor model: BC109C

Transistor Polarity: NPN

Transistor type: Silicon

Ground Polarity: Negative

Power input: External 9VDC or 9V Battery

Power switch: No

Bypass LED: Red

Bottom Screw:  Center screw, adhesive rubber feet

Information: One of a kind paint job from Spring of 1987. 

Built, signed and named: By Dave Fox.

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