FWR in a Box #1

FWR in a Box #1

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FWR in a Box #1

In 2002 I made a small batch of pedals containing the FWR circuit. There were around ten of them, and I kept the first two. Since then they've been kicking around the shop, getting plenty of use.  

This pedal was built in 2002 and has since been refurbished so that it performs like new. The enclosure was labeled with a paint pen, and there are dings and scratches on the surface.

Read about FWR Foxrox Wah Retrofit here.


Input level control: There is about 10 dB of boost when set at max.

Foot switch: 3PDT switch. True bypass

LED: Red

Power: Battery or external power. Power jack 2.1mm Center Negative.

Voltage: 9-18 Volts DC. Use higher voltage for more headroom.

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