Installation of the Foxrox Wah Retrofit into the Dunlop Crybaby Classic

Warning: This installation requires a higher skill level than the others.

This one is pretty tricky because the Crybaby Classic is not hard wired like most other wah pedals. Instead, the footswitch and wah pot are mounted on circuit boards and a 4 pin flex-jumper is used. You will have to remove the flex-jumper and replace three of it's connections with regular wire. The connection that carried the wah output to the foot switch is now replaced by the input (white) and output (blue) of the FWR. It's a pain in the butt, but if you follow the photos and are very careful you can pull it off! Be especially careful not to mess up the traces on the two circuit boards.

1. Crybaby Classic


2. Pot and switch.


3. White 4 pin Jumper to be removed. Be careful!

4. Empty holes where 4 pin jumper was. Use solder sucker or solder wick.

5. Replace connections 1 2 and 4, leave 3 empty on both boards.

6. Another view of connections 1 2 and 4, leave 3 empty.

7. FWR White goes to lower board, Blue goes to upper board.

8. Identify D1. It has the +9V connection on top, Ground on bottom.

9. Tin both sides of D1, then solder FWR Red and Black. Give a tug to make sure they're soldered well.

10. Neatly route wires and position FWR.

11. Secure FWR and wires with tie wraps and holders. It's done!