DRVF Blank ZIMcard

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DRVF is a small circuit board that is laid out to accommodate the basic diode-clipping overdrive circuit, commonly called the Tube Screamer, or TS. This is the card from which all of the overdrive-based ZIMcards are built. BB Buffer Boost and TB Treble Boost are also built using this card. Using the ZIMcard DRVF Schematic PDF, you can create the perfect ZIMcards for your ZIM. You can modify your ZIMcards over and over again without any wear and tear to your ZIM pedal.

The Blank DRVF ZIMcard comes with some basic parts installed. They are: 
 - 8-pin plug-in connector
 - Tone Trimpot 20K
 - 10 Ohm fuse resistor
 - 2 x 47K resistors and 2 x 10 uF capacitors for Vref, which is required in all DRVF circuits
 - 4558 Dual Opamp installed in 8-pin IC socket
You supply the rest of the parts. 

Hex Stand-off #6-32 included for fastening ZIMcard in place.

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