ZIM is two independent true-bypass effects in one pedal. It's the definitive dual-drive pedal.

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Tech Info
Price $259.00 USD
Dimensions Width = 5.5" Depth = 5" Height = 2.85"
Weight 2.7 lbs. (with 9V battery)
Voltage 9 Volts DC or higher* (via 9V battery or external power)
Current Draw 35mA
Power Connection 2.1mm, Center = NEG (FX standard)
Signal Switching True bypass with LED


ZIM is like two separate pedals joined at the hip. The two channels can be configured a number of different ways, depending on which ZIM Cards are installed. The convenient arrangement allows you to easily customize your ZIM to suit your needs. Unless otherwise specified, ZIMs come with the default Overdrive cards.

ZIM is not the same as other overdrives. Instead of a bypass switch and a boost switch, ZIM has two individual channels which can be used individually or together in series (cascaded). Each has its own true bypass (3pdt) switch with LED. This gives you three different sounds (A, B, or A + B). With the option of having two gain stages in series, you'll never be starved for gain.

Instead of a treble control, ZIM has a unique voicing circuit that gives you almost limitless control of your overdriven tone. In addition, each channel has its own bass/treble trimmer which can be set internally.

Check out our ZIM links and listen to the clips. ZIM is the one pedal you can customize according to your drive needs, even if they change over time. Want more info on getting specific sounds from your ZIM in various settings? Get detailed advice, tips, and examples on our ZIM Voicing and ZIM Configurations pages.

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